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Tuesday, August 29, 2017
By Cassie Gillespie
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So here we go.  New website, fresh look, hopefully I'm leaving behind all the updating problems that I had with the old one.  And I know I've said this many times in the past, but here's to hoping I remember to blog more often.  I used to be so good at doing it, and then.... life happened.  Now that my house is so much quieter with being down to one kid at home (two if we count Beatrice), I'm hoping to blog more here.

One of my goals, and something that I've been asked frequently is to share more of each session.  I usually just post once a day on facebook, and usually just one preview photo.  And since I'm adding something new this summer (social media files) to my packages, I feel like I can share a few more.  I'm still a complete supporter of printed products, but I also understand that everyone wants to share these special memories we create so adding social media files seems to be the right move.  So stay tuned for more information on that!!!!

So lots of fun stuff coming in the future months ahead, and I"ll do my best to keep up with this!!!!  And for my first post I'm here is one of my favorite creations from this summer.  My daughter is a huge Assassin's Creed fan, so we've been planning this shoot for forever, and we LOVE how it turned out.



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